With over 15 years experience and supporting SEND within secondary and primary schools, I now liaise at all levels with SLT, outside agencies, parents and the L.A.


My time as an inclusion manager included periods of managing the Senco role as well as training SENCOs in their new role as well as providing training to all levels of Teaching Assistants and whole school training on effective use of the T.A. within the classroom. I am extremely used to managing large teams and enjoy the challenge of turning groups of TAs into effective teams.


Presently I am working as a SEND consultant for schools in mainstream as well as alternative provision. upskilling T.A.s and Sencos. Should you wish more information on how I can help then please contact me at and I will be happy to help.


My name is Dr Dietmar Seehuber and I am from Frankfurt, Germany. Since studying medicine, I have been specialising in psychiatry and psychotherapy for children, adolescents and adults for 30 years.


In my clinical work at Hohe Mark Hospital, I am a Chief Physician and specialist in the treatment of addicts, patients with affective disorders and ADHD. 

My therapeutic approach is behaviour oriented; the first step is to always try to understand what happened in the patient’s life previously as well as what is currently happening.

Times of stress and poor emotional days might have different underlying reasons. Once these are understood, we tackle the problem and change the behaviour.