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Since 2003, collaborating with multiple international institutions, Victor has been providing a professional and personal service to educational establishments, charities, businesses and individuals across Europe, using a customised approach through the use of Psychotherapy, Emotional Intelligence and professional leadership coaching. Victor has also enjoyed hosting international seminars, providing engaging and resourceful talks that individuals and groups can apply in all types of professions.


Victor continues to strive, along with those working with him, to promote and establish good practice and improve positive mental security,* with his workshops and training events combining emotional intelligence with the latest finding in neuroscience, psychological and physical aspects of brain development, incorporating the work of Antonovski by using the Salutogenesis approach to develop positive mental health. Victor has honed his skills using knowledge and expertise from over 20 years working with global institutions to provide a private, personal and confidential support to Senior Leaders to enable them to clarify situations and make confident, successful decisions.


Developing emotionally intelligent in leaders, is key to enabling successful teams to flourish. Providing inspiration for individuals to constantly challenge and create and more dynamic and engaging environment for all involved to become great and love what they do.

"A customised approach to building the mindset of any professional who shares the ambition and passion to drive excellence"