I would recommend Victor to anyone!

On 2 occasions I have found Victor's service and skills outstanding. Both times we have met he has had a huge impact on my professional career. I have experienced Victors skills as a Keynote Speaker at the University of Bedfordshire PGCE Study Day back in 2007/8 and more recently where Victor gave me his time to explore the development of practices supporting well being of new Lecturers in a HE setting in preparation for developing a new module. Victor provides excellent knowledge, theory, and underpinning strategies to apply in a taught scenario that will allow me to support my staff to develop a greater sense of positive well-being in the learning environment. I also plan on adopting his book 'Supporting Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties in School' as key reading for my students to support their wider educational development. Geoffrey H.

An absolutely fantastic meeting with Victor Allen today! Some brilliant tips for motivating staff and leading with positivity, as well as the need to ensure we truly know our teams. Be curious about one another - what inspires each of us? What legacy do we each want to leave? 

Thank you, Victor - I'm both appreciative of your time and inspired by your words! 

#leadership #motivation #inspiration #employeeengagement   Emma H.

"Victor is extremely astute and perceptive, his words of wisdom have helped many staff members to re-evaluate their thoughts and gain perspective in their working and personal lives. The benefit of Victor’s work with the organisation is immense. The Senior Leadership Team consider Victor to be one of their own, a true colleague, who cares about the business as much as they do. "

“Victor was the epitome of his motto of ‘Excellence and Fun’. Lively delivery, spot on content to meet our expectations and needs, gave excellent examples from real life situations drawn from own experience we really enjoyed and profited from the course”

Manuela Jimenez de Cisneros Anguita Spain

“Victor came across very genuine and sincere. He pitched at the perfect level and broke up potential monotonous areas with humour and games. The lack of flipchart paper, self-reflection and other somewhat overused CPD activities was also a welcome change. Easily the most informative and enjoyable external speaker we’ve had to date.


"I thought Victor's inset was inspirational as well as aspirational. Very clear and extremely well delivered. He was a real "find" and his inset will be remembered for a long time. It has helped us on our way forward.”  I’m glad you’ve got him booked for the parents at the end of the month” (Paul). 

" Regarding how to have that challenging conversation, I had that conversation with the person who I was struggling to communicate with using your techniques and it worked a treat! We broke down those initial barriers and our relationship has been 10 times better since. I can not thank you enough. Keep on doing what you do!  Best wishes  S."