Is the ability to understand and make sense of stressful situations and therefore be able to use accessible resources at our disposal to enable dealing with and managing stress.


It is the ability to view all aspects of our lives, working to a set Model in which all aspects of our lives are Manageable and that we can find Meaning in what we are doing or are a part of. These make up the 3M’s.


Keeping an eye on these three Ms becomes key for living our lives mentally secure, so we become able to identify what is good for us and build up a range of positive resources or assets which we can use and reuse for the intended purpose of keeping us Mentally Secure.


The most important of the three is to find Meaning in what we are doing. If we are unable to find meaning or purpose in something you are engaged in, then there will be little or no motivation to find the right Model for our lives or to find a way of Managing it.

Victors aim is to teach people to develop and maintain positive mental health throughout their lives, to enable them to become MENTALLY SECURE.

*Mental security is acquired by building up through our lives sets of meaningful, relevant life experiences as well as accessible resources, to be able to use and reuse them for the intended purpose of keeping us mentally and physically healthy.


Believing that things happen in an orderly and predictable fashion.  I know what is going to happen, when it is going to happen and what effect it will be having on me and on those around me.



A belief in my own ability to do what is being asked of me and that I have the support to accomplish it, or if I am unsure of my ability to manage, that I have someone or something I can use to help me manage it.



It is relevant, interesting and a source of satisfaction. That it is worth doing, it links with my values and what I believe in, therefore  a good reason to do it and  I also care about the outcome.